Айзейя Томас хочет заполучить Артеста в «Нью-Йорк Никс»

14.12.2005 12:49 «Рон Артест требует трейда? „Индиана“ готова это требование удовлетворить». Таким был ответ владельца команды — Донни Уолша на пресс-конференцию Артеста и его озвученное желание сменить прописку. Уолш отметил некорректность поведения форварда, сперва сообщившего обо всем журналистам, но поработать над вариантами трейда обещал.

Генеральный менеджер «Никс» Айзейя Томас, как обычно, оказался в числе первых, пожелавших заполучить Рона. Главным действующим лицом со стороны «Нью-Йорка» фигурирует молодое дарование Ченнинг Фрай. Артест же на этой неделе на площадке не появится.

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14.12.2005 13:04 #

Квентин Ричардсон и Ченнинг Фрай за Артеста? Может ещё Никс драфт-пик в первом раунде подкинут. Тогда Индиана может и согласиться

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14.12.2005 19:53 #


Bil vchera v NY. NY Times pishet chto Fry Nicks otdavat ne hotyat. A bez nego drugie komandi mogut predlozit bolshe. Plus vkluchaetsya problema s zarplatami: igroki pri treyde dolzni imet sopostavimie zarplati, a Artest dlya svoego klassa poluchaet otnositelno malo

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14.12.2005 21:11 #

А какие сейчас наиболее вероятные варианты обмена? В прессе ведь наверняка уже что-то пишут.

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15.12.2005 09:40 #

2 Ясик

Я надеюсь с английским у тебя проблем нет
Здесь довольно подробно разобранны варианты :

1) To Atlanta for F Al Harrington:
This deal is practical for the Pacers in that they already know what Harrington is all about in terms of work ethic, and have seen him succeed in a full-time role with the Hawks. Harrington and Pacers captain Jermaine O'Neal are great friends who speak almost every day and would seemingly co-exist as the anchors of the team's frontcourt. Gaining vengeance on Artest would also be neatly attainable through this swap, as it would doom him to at least two years of futility.

2) To Dallas w/ F Austin Croshere and G Anthony Johnson for F Keith Van Horn and C D.J. Mbenga:
The Mavericks have come out and said they're unlikely to shake up their corps, particularly since Josh Howard is back, Jerry Stackhouse is set to return and Marquis Daniels is flourishing. But if they change their minds, this package might work. Van Horn would be an upgrade over Croshere and give Indiana another player to help stretch defenses, a necessity given Stephen Jackson's slow start. Mbenga is a raw shot blocker that could be brought along slowly. This wouldn't exactly be much punishment for Artest, who would fortify a team that's already a Finals contender.

3) To Golden State w/ C Jeff Foster for F Mike Dunleavy and C Adonal Foyle or w/ G Fred Jones and Anthony Johnson for F Mike Dunleavy and C Andris Biedrins or G Mickael Pietrus and G/F Calbert Cheaney:
Although Golden State inked Dunleavy to an extension early this season, plans are always subject to change, particularly when an opportunity like this comes along. Artest wants a more active role in the offense, and although Baron Davis is at the controls, there's seemingly plenty of shots to go around. Defensively, he can supply a team in need of toughness, a lockdown defender and focal point. He wouldn't come cheap though, with young international prospects like Biedrins or Pietrus likely a part of the deal. Cheaney has a contract that expires after the season.

4) To L.A. Clippers for Corey Maggette:
Ideally, this would be a move the Pacers would jump on, picking up a budding young star whose already a proven 20-point scorer in exchange for their troubled commodity. How excited the Clips would be to part ways with Maggette is another story however, but you never know. They have been successful when he's been out of the lineup, and championship teams do tend to be centered around defense.

5) To Minnesota w/ Foster for F Wally Szczerbiak and F Mark Madsen, F Nik Tskitishvili or C Dwayne Jones:
Acquiring Szczerbiak would give the Pacers the dependable perimeter shooter they crave, while Madsen could fill Foster's role as hustler, albeit for less minutes. The question then becomes whether Minnesota would be willing to part with Wally, who has had a strong season thus far and seems to have patched up any difference with Kevin Garnett. He's the team's top outside threat, although first-year coach Dwane Casey is a defense-first guy. Artest would certainly be happy in Minnesota, as he'd be the clear No. 2 option. Well, wait a second, isn't that what he was with the Pacers? Oh well.

6) To New York w/ Croshere for F/C Channing Frye and F/C Antonio Davis or w/Croshere for F/G Quentin Richardson, G Jamal Crawford and F David Lee:
The move that would please Artest most would be to return home, so that alone might deter the Pacers brass from granting this particular return. If Frye is part of the package, which would be highly unlikely, the Pacers would almost have to make the move, given that they would also be getting Davis' expiring contract in return alongside the promising big man. If the deal is for Q, J-Craw and D-Lee, Indiana is more likely to pass.

7) To Phoenix for F/G Boris Diaw, G Leandro Barbosa, G Jim Jackson and F/C Brian Grant:
This one is strictly for argument's sake, as it doesn't appear the Suns are willing to mess with their new nucleus, particularly since they enjoy their new-found depth and are lauding Diaw as a difference-maker on both ends of the floor. Jackson and Grant would be enticing for Indy due to their expiring pacts. But of all the deals on this list, this would be the least likely.

8) To Sacramento for Peja Stojakovic:
This pairing makes sense, although Geoff Petrie has publicly denied entering into any conversations with Indiana regarding a swap. Stojakovic can utilize his option and go elsewhere following the season and has slumped for most of the year, part of the reason the Kings have started so slowly. He can fill a need in Indiana and play a complementary role he's comfortable with. Artest, joining Bonzi Wells on the wing, would instantly change Sacramento's reputation from finesse to rough and tumble.

8) To Seattle for F Vladimir Radmanovic, F/C Nick Collison and G Mateen Cleaves:
Radmanovic wants out and would help supply shooting, while Collison is a valuable commodity who would fit perfectly in the Pacers power rotation. Would Indiana consider that enough? Would Seattle consider it too steep, particularly since Artest would seem to have no natural starting position with Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen already aboard? His presence would help alleviate some long-running defensive issues, though.

9) To Toronto for F/G Morris Peterson, F Matt Bonner and a No. 1 pick:
This would be the ultimate revenge for Indiana, but it's unlikely given Rob Babcock's promise that he's not dealing any of his rookies, so Charlie Villanueva, Joey Graham and Jose Calderon are off limits. He will deal a draft pick, though, making a move somewhat of a possibility.

10) To Washington for Gs Chucky Atkins or Antonio Daniels and F/Gs Jared Jeffries or Jarvis Hayes:
Mix and match to your heart's delight, because Washington seems to have enough components to swing a deal. Would Indiana have the unhappy Atkins as an offensive spark off the bench? Probably not, with defensive standout Daniels available. How about bringing back Indiana product Jeffries, giving Conseco an instant favorite? They could also opt for Hayes, a spectacular young jump shooter. From Washington's perspective, an Arenas-Jamison-Artest trio sounds delightful. The Pacers should be wary of this deal considering the potential of seeing Ronnie come playoffs -- this year.

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15.12.2005 17:47 #

Киргиз, спасибо за ответ. Этот пост увидел только сейчас, после того, как уже прочитал твой коммент в другой ветке.
Про английский, ты угадал, проблем нет
Очень интересно почиатать

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